The M6 Toll incident, the truth


I’ve been waffling on about the M6 Toll security incident that happened this morning. I’m blabbing about it mostly because it all happened very near to where I live and we’ve been swamped with news on local TV.

The short version is the coach, operated by “Megabus”, stopped after a concerned passenger called 999 to report smoke coming out of a bag held by another passenger.

Armed Police quickly approached the coach, which had pulled over, and the bomb squad, ambulances and fire engines were also on scene.

After shutting the hugely expensive motorway for several hours, getting everyone off the bus and checking them out, it was found to be a “health improvement aid for smokers”. This has since been clarified to be an electronic cigarette .

So, let’s paint a highly biased and opinionated view of what happened this morning. Firstly, I would like to say how well the Police and other emergency forces dealt with it. Quickly, professionally and safely.


A) Who called 999? Why, instead of calling the Police, didn’t they stand up and have a closer look? If they were a bomber it probably wouldn’t have been best to talk to them, but at least get up and have a better look.

B) I’ve never been a smoker, but smoking is now so “outlawed” that seeing smoke inside ANY enclosed space is seen as unusual and instantly raises suspicion.

C) Will electronic cigarettes now be banned from enclosed spaces in the same way as real cigarettes?