Torrents. Some are just rubbish

We’re all law abiding people. I’m sure none of us have ever driven above 70mph and we’ve never heard of torrents. However, in the real world I’m sure we’ve all watched a copied movie or downloaded a slightly MP3. The lines are blurred a little now too. Go onto YouTube and you can instantly listen to any track in the world. Is that legal? In some cases it is, and the artist in question wants the tune on YouTube.

Anyhoo.. over on The Pirate Bay.. (y’know, that site that we all pretend doesn’t exist and that site that everyone tries to block but doesn’t).. there’s a great list of films and stuff that you can download. Let’s no beat about the bush, they’re all illegal. One that caught my eye was the new Skyfall movie. It’s been out just days, so every version you find is a “Cam”. This basically means it’s the result of a cameraphone wedged into a seat.

Strangely, I love reading some of the comments after people have watched the pretty rubbish quality result…