This is why you should NOT read the Daily Mail

I’ve always hated the Daily Mail. When I used to read it I found that, after putting it down, I was generally angry at the Government and society as a whole. It just seemed wrong, and I started thinking, “Is the UK really this bad? Are the people living here really that evil and wrong?

Turns out that it’s not such a bad place after all. Sure, bad things happen and there’s a lot of wrong-doing in this country, but the Daily Mail is the biggest peddler of complete arse. Arse that is purely designed to anger, annoy and trigger your aggressive tendancies. It also means that you write letters and comment on their wildly successful website. That website, by the way, is cluttered with pictures of women in various stages if undress, even though they continually deride other websites, newspapers and the internet as a whole for posting such pictures.

It’s an attitude-changing rag which really shouldn’t be in publication.

If you buy it, if you have 20 minutes, I really, really hope you can spend the time to watch this. I know that the first 6 minutes are a bit weird, but stick with it…