So, I tried Windows 8…

I gave it a good try. I found all the shortcut keys like Windows + X and, after some initial frustration, I could see some of the positive changes. Then.. Then I had a look in the “Store”. The top app is Google Search (yep, a competitor, but to be expected). Windowss 8 users must be downloading this because going into a browser and typing a search in the address bar is too…damn…difficult….


So, I click the app and get a big friendly search window. Amazeballs. I enter a search and results come up. Amazeballs. I click a link and it tells me “Hey dude, you need to install Macromedia Flash to show some of the stuff on this page”

Ahh, but I’ve already installed Flash. I just flip back to IE and Firefox to check. Yep, it’s there. So I go back to the Google Search app and try again. I get another site that needs Flash and again it pops up, but this time it says, “Hey dude, if you things aren’t displaying right, try opening this link in a normal browser”

Agh! What is this? A search app that lets you search for something, only to display it in a window that looks like a full browser, but isn’t maybe?

What’s the point of that?