Panorama on Amazon

I watched the investigation into working conditions within the huge Amazon warehouses that are dotted around the UK. As expected, the “pickers” who go and grab your order from the miles of shelving have to work hard and walk quite a bit in the process.

The undercover reporter was given a trolley and a hand-held scanner told him what to pick along with a countdown timer telling him how long it should take to get the item.

The programme was keen to point ot the stress that this puts the worker under, and there’s a points system which increases if you take time off sick or you’re late too.

They counted the amount of miles walked during the investigation and found that on one night 6 miles was covered whilst 11 miles was covered on another.

Now… I’m sorry, but this is patheric. How can this even be a programme? Take a nurse, check their daily mileage, I’d bet it’d be the same. Or a policeman, a litter-picker, a milkman, a postman, courier or any shelf-stacker in the land.

Oh, boo-hoo.. he had blisters on his heel. Grow a set of balls you wuss.

It’s manual labour. It’s hard work. Stress? Because a countdown timer is going off? Think about the miners who worked hard, long hours and had to retrieve all that coal.

Come on BBC, grow a pair.