The internet is broken and nobody will fix it

We live in a world where our internet feeds are fast becoming moderated and filtered. No illegal downloading, age-restrictions and data caps.

However, the big websites continue to ignore most of the basic rules and do little to protect their users.

YouTube has many thousands of videos that are offensive or violent. Some people report them, but most don’t because they feel that nothing will be done.

Facebook allows abuse and threats and only take action after it’s reported, sometimes several times. Likewise, Twitter continue to leave accounts active even after people have reported abusive tweets, and it’s all too easy to reopen a new account anyway.


Stan Collymore is feeling the slow and often non-existent response from Twitter at the moment. Piers Morgan has tried toelbow his way into the debate too, but after wrecking the careers and lives of many during his time as a tabloid editor, he’s getting little sympathy.

So, I point you back to my”>earlier article. Nothing has changed and it doesn’t look like it’s going to, despite the promises of those big sites. Those sites are the internet for a lot of people now, so it’s important to monitor our kids when they use them, because those major websites aren’t doing enough.