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Situation report – Virgin Media, a month in

Bloody hell. The speed is great, the TV service is OK.. but… oh dear, everything else has just been terrible. The On Demand wasn’t working for days on end, so I complained. They eventually fixed it. Then parts of it broke again and, days later, it’s still not fixed. This is how things are tonight. Access to Facebook has broken… Read more →

Facebook Shit

I really can’t be arsed with Facebook. I’m going to nullify that statement immediately by saying that yes, I’m on it, but hardly use it. It’s a partial need to follow local groups and stuff. However, I hate this generated campaigns and “funny videos” that have been created to “go viral” just to promote a product. Whether it’s good or… Read more →

The internet is broken and nobody will fix it

We live in a world where our internet feeds are fast becoming moderated and filtered. No illegal downloading, age-restrictions and data caps. However, the big websites continue to ignore most of the basic rules and do little to protect their users. YouTube has many thousands of videos that are offensive or violent. Some people report them, but most don’t because… Read more →