Our claim culture gets on my baps

I’ve just had a call from 01202 280121. The guy on the line told me he was calling from “Consumer Exchange” but I already had doubts about the call as I could here laughter and banter in the background. This sounded like a call centre rammed full of sales people.

He addressed me by name and said he was calling about my “recent accident”. I stated that I’d not an accident.

Our records show that you’ve had an accident in the last two years.

I clicked that this was some sort of shitty sales pitch to try and get me hooked into one of those no-win-no-fee claim things. I decided to play with them, so I said..

Oh yes, does it say on your records when that accident was?

He didn’t know “exactly” as his “system” didn’t show that. Hmm.. that’s a bit of a crap system if you ask me. If I’ve developed a computer system that only shows details accurate to within a space of two years then, believe me, I’m getting fired.

Anyhoo, I couldn’t be bothered with this any further so said that I’d not actually had any accidents and didn’t know what the hell he was talking about. I was trying to be civil. He ended up grasping at straws..

Do you know anyone who has had an accident as they’ll usually receive at least a four-figure sum for…

.. I dropped the call at this point. It’s calls like this that really make me lose patience with companies.