npower – Still completely useless and can’t add up

I mentioned my experience with the utter chaotic mess that is the billing department of npower some months ago.

You can read all about it here, here and here. In the end, after spending several hours to their “executive complaints team” and their normal “complaints team” I was told a catalogue of lies. They included..

“The IT systems are being repaired”

“The printers aren’t working correctly at the moment”

“An IT upgrade is taking longer than expected”

Plus I was told several times that my bill had been sent out when it hadn’t.

In the end they paid me off and included some “loyalty fee payment” that I reckon they’d totally made up. Now, on BBC Watchdog they’re at it again, totally screwing things up. Somehow they’ve avoided fines by the useless regulator and they continue to hold onto customer despite displaying possibly the worst customer service, contempt for customers, useless and substandard IT systems plus management who appear to tell staff to just fob customers off with any old crap.

npower, I salute you. A company that can’t add up.