Yet more utter crap from the Daily Mail

People buy this newspaper. Their website is one of the biggest and most popular in the world. It’s a rag which is geared towards provoking anger, rage and disgust. Even, as in my case on a daily basis, if it’s negative popularity. Being so annoying, so bad and so disgraceful will put you into the public eye.

The Daily Mail, a newspaper which was particularly disgraceful when Princess Diana was alive and promised, like many other papers, to back off from the royals, is now attacking the royals yet again.

This time, it’s “Kate”. Princess Kate, who’s actually Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Anyhow… despite the fact that she’s pregnant again and probably has enough on her plate, the paper have decided to publish a picture (which I’m sure they’ve “tweaked”) and showed a bit of grey..


Although the online version of the article goes a little way to make amends (calling her stylish and stating that hair dye is often avoided by women in pregnancy), the printed item seeks to pull people in by the wording of the article. Let’s ignore the fact that this low-life newspaper thought “hey, she’s going grey, let’s put that on the front page of a newspaper, that’s definitely not a bad idea”.

A lot of newspapers, and now online blogs and news sites too, operate on shock tactics and “click bait”. Articles are twisted and moulded to either annoy or intrigue people. It’s not about the content, it’s not about the facts. It’s just how many papers you can shift and how many clicks you can achieve. To be honest it’s a shit state of affairs, but look at your Facebook feed and the utter crap that gets shared. This is what everything seems to be turning into. Quick, dirty, commercially-attractive articles that’ll become popular.