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I love this website

The Daily Mail is one of the most click-bait low-grade internet-scraping piles of arse I’ve ever had the misfortune to click on. It delights in warping stories in order to gain clicks and comments. It’s arse, but people buy it because they’re addicted to the cheap thrill of newspaper and internet sensation as it’s possibly more interesting than refreshing the… Read more →

Yet more utter crap from the Daily Mail

People buy this newspaper. Their website is one of the biggest and most popular in the world. It’s a rag which is geared towards provoking anger, rage and disgust. Even, as in my case on a daily basis, if it’s negative popularity. Being so annoying, so bad and so disgraceful will put you into the public eye. The Daily Mail,… Read more →

The Daily Fail. Just one huge pile of steaming arse

The Daily Mail is less of a newspaper and more of a demented adult comic, trying to twist stories and attack anyone who doesn’t conform to their idea of how people should live. Today we have a number of examples of their legendary reporting skills, which start on the front page. They’re masters of attacking people via backhanded compliments, a… Read more →

Rail Minister using his government limo?

Another classic piece of utterly crap journalism from The Daily Fail, who write stories in a deliberately aggressive and angry way just to annoy the British public and get comments on their website. Here in the UK the rail minister is apparently getting “chauffeured around in a limo”… Except it’s not a limo, it’s an eco-friendly Toyota Prius.. Since when… Read more →