Robinsons continue to disappoint

The Robinsons squash drinks have been a big favourite of ours for many years, especially the sugar free variety. Trouble is, they’ve recently changed the “recipe” of their drinks and have “reformulated” both the Apple and Blackcurrant and the Orange drinks we’ve enjoyed.

Now, without any bias, our entire family hate the new stuff. The new orange flavour is syrupy and creamy and the Apple and Blackcurrant, as I’ve found out today, now tastes EXACTLY like the shop own-brand stuff.

Here’s the Tesco Apple and Blackcurrant drink we bought this evening. It’s £1.25 for 1.5 litres.


The smaller Robinsons version (which is actually in a bigger-looking bottle but smaller in capacity at 1.25 litres), is £2.89. That’s a lot more expensive, but we didn’t mind paying extra before because it tasted really nice. It now tastes, after the “change of formulation” exactly the same as the own-brand stuff. I mean EXACTLY.

So, well done Robinsons. You’re still getting huge negative feedback on your Facebook page and hopefully your dropping sales will make you guys realise what a massive mistake you’ve made. You’re now selling high-cost squash which is just cheap-tasting pop.

I can NEVER understand why companies do this. A product is selling well, people enjoy it, WHY mess with it?

Screenshot 2015-04-13 at 22.13.27