So today…

I took my son swimming. The pool has very limited viewing facilities and all the parents have is a bus-stop-style area which isn’t exactly roomy. Normally this isn’t too bad, as people will somehow move down with a few pleasantries.

However, it was really packed today. It was so busy that I ended up standing behind the seats, and there was no room whatsoever. A lady came in and we all had to move as she rather uncomfortably squeezed past us. As there was really no room it was effectively like getting into a Tube train on a busy Monday morning.

Thing is, when she went back out again we had a bit of a chat. Just some banter about the kids and how they were all doing, how busy it was in there and what the snow had been like etc. All this happened when she was trying to squeeze past, and she stopped mid-way through the squeeze, about 3cm from my face, to continue this chat. I’ve got to say, personal space was completely invaded at this point but it didn’t seem to phase her, even though she was effectively rubbing up against me at this point. It was all very bloody weird.