I love the A-Team

When you look back on a TV show you used to watch as a kid it all looks very different some.. err.. 30 years later. Watching the A-Team is definitely an eye-opener. The spelling mistakes in the credits, the bloopers that were left in and so much more.

Take, for example, the infamous A-Team van. Here it is as I’m sure you’ll remember it..

It’s an icon and one that many will remember. Here it is driving along a dirt road…

There’s Hannibal hanging out of the window, randomly shooting and, as usual, not injuring or killing anyone at all. Nobody ever got shot. Nobody. But then, as the mighty A-Team van approaches a broken bridge, it jumps the gap…

WOAH! What the hell is that thing? Round headlights? A weird grill at the front? What the heck? I think it’s even a different colour too?

As the oh-so-obviously NOT A-Team van lands, the completely different bullbar on the front comes adrift and the front end shows quite a bit of damage.

However, just a few seconds later…

Ta-darrr!!!! It’s fixed, and it’s back to being the “usual” A-Team van. Amazing.

Of course, with “older eyes” you can pick faults, but this was a¬†massive¬†TV show in it’s day. It wasn’t just kids watching it (and we could quite often not notice any of this), but lots of adults too. :)