The Brexit front page of The Sun

Where do I start with this eh? It’s apparently The Sun’s idea of Britain, or the best bits of it, or reasons why we should come out of the EU. Or something.

Let’s see what we have here. First, on the lower left, a chip shop. The ones by me are run by Greek families. Then there’s the Mini and an old red London bus – both aren’t made any more, and (some odd reason) one of the many coal-fired power plants that are being decommissioned because there inefficient and polluting. Then we’ve got the Shard in London, which is owned by people from Qatar.

Then there’s the houses of parliament, which are being fixed because they’re falling down.


Then they start getting a bit desperate. There’s a roller coaster and some fucking sheep? And what about Wembley? That could be sold to an American chap soon. What a load of old arse.