More #Brexit stats

I deal with data and logic all day. Brexit simply makes no sense. We’re not “taking back control” because the UK never voted against any laws that the EU imposed. It was just media spin and clickbait. Our politicians are unable to sort a piss-up in a brewery and the level of damage it’s going to cause to the country is obvious and impending.

Take, for example, the fact that 86% of our exports are with the EU or through trade agreements negotiated by the EU.

That’s 86%. We’re exporting 86% of our stuff to the EU. It’s all going to cost the EU a lot more soon, so … will that be competitive ?

Also, this…

We’re not taking “control”. We had control all along. Control of laws, control of our borders – we just chose not to apply control in either case. We now have a Government that is lying to us daily (calling the NHS additional funding a “Brexit Dividend”, which is completely untrue – we’ll be paying for it in additional taxes).

Pretty much every #Leave claim was a lie. This is a massive mistake.