#Brexit. Situation update.

It’s a dogs dinner.

1 – Cameron wanted to cling onto power by announcing an EU referendum.
2 – He thought there’d be a protest vote and nothing more.
3 – No plans were put in place by leave or remain for actually leaving.
4 – We assumed the 27 other countries would move. They haven’t. They won’t. We faffed for 2 years doing fuck all.
5 – TM knocked something up in a weekend and thought it’d do. She at least got rid of the main “Leave MPs” by doing this.
6 – The Brexit Parties and fanatics have vanished, coming up with continual bollocks to try and validate their argument.
7 – Our PM thought, “Let’s go in hard and start making Hard Brexit noises, that’ll freak the EU and they’ll submit to a deal”, whilst actually not doing any Brexit planning.
8 – EU comes back with the same answer they gave 2 years ago but we weren’t listening

Now what? Theresa May either comes home and does a “Cameron” (leave quick, call an election again), tries to ram through Hard Brexit when we’ve got no contingency for it and lots of damage will be done, or reverses and goes back into the EU with a colossal amount of egg on her face. It’s a no-win situation

If I were her I’d fucking leg it and hope that someone steps in quick, calls a Peoples Vote or something. Trouble is both main political parties are equally useless at the minute. The whole reason we’re in this mess is because they weren’t listening to the public.