The Daily Fail. Just one huge pile of steaming arse

The Daily Mail is less of a newspaper and more of a demented adult comic, trying to twist stories and attack anyone who doesn’t conform to their idea of how people should live.

Today we have a number of examples of their legendary reporting skills, which start on the front page. They’re masters of attacking people via backhanded compliments, a sarcastic tone and pushing a critical message in every article.

Here’s Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, who they just call “Kate”. She’s attending church with her husband, Prince William, but hasn’t brought her son, Prince George. Her explanation for this is that he was quite happy at home and they’d left him there to play. Sadly, the Daily Arse chose to imply (depending on your view) that..

A) She’s worn out, who knows, possibly hung over.

B) They’re bad parents

C) They’re not good royals because they didn’t bring their small baby out into the cold to meet the crowds who wanted to see him.


The truth, as you’ll see by further photos in the paper (after you’ve bought the thing) is that the shot above is just a bad photo. Here is another shot from their website…

Weary? No. She’s absolutely fine. Basically, they’re talking bollocks to get you hooked into buying the paper.

Next on the Daily Mail hit list, time to scare people with some exaggerated claims on upcoming weather conditions. This, by the way, is all from one day, I’ve not cherry-picked stories over the month, this is just the crap from one Friday.

Agh!!! We’re all going to freeze! Severe disruption ahead!

Well, no. Not really. I do remember a time when we, in this country, didn’t run through the streets naked in a fit of hysteria every time it snowed or rained. Now we all seem to be force-fed a diet of weather warnings, disruption, chaos and panic, written by reporters who seem more keen to get the most attention-grabbing headlines in order to pull us into a badly-written story peppered with half-truths and comments from hired mouth-pieces who they then misquote.

The weather forecast, taken from the very same Daily Mail website, seems to lack the huge blob of snow we’re apparently getting…

Any snowflakes? No, not one.

What next? How’s about the obligatory benefits system story? Surely they must have a story that’ll stoke fury and uproar in their readers? Indeed they do. Yes, it’s pinched mostly from another paper, The Sun, but no matter eh?


The Daily Mail, as it’s Boxing Day, just has to write a story about the sales, but let’s be careful and ensure that the photos portray stores overloaded with those who aren’t classed as traditional British white people…

This is because most (if not all) Daily Mail readers are white Brits. It can be used later, if the pictures are reused, in an opinion piece on immigration or carefully placed next to a story on immigration. Just to get people a bit riled.

Don’t get me wrong here, they’ll deny to doing this, but they slip these things in here and there just so you can add the two things together without them actually doing the sums up for you.

Let me give you another example, because wait! We need some random story about a sexy actress and how well she is doing losing weight “after the Christmas excess” even though Christmas was…. just ….24 HOURS AGO…


Phwooaaarr.. Eh? Great picture that, but wait a few months and – like the Boxing Day sales story – the pictures will be reused. In this case it’ll probably show how women are objectified by the media or something, and how disgusting that is, or how women feel they have to look a certain way and be a certain weight, and how disgraceful that is etc.

Anyway, another favourite Daily Mail trick is basically slagging off anything made, produced or controlled by this country. I’m not sure why they do this exactly, apart from perhaps to wind up their readership and get more comments on their website about how crap everything is, even when it’s not.

When there’s not much happening, the Daily Mail chooses the railways… always a good target..

Last, but not least, a couple of scare stories. First, to petrify readers and keep them away from new technology, we have this…

Plus one about terrorists and how our country is basically being infiltrated by evil with a “White Jihadi” now joining the ranks. The “steady flow of British militants” are leaving our shores” to join ISIS.


Overall, for just one publication on one day, it’s chock full of hatred, embellished facts, fear, hysteria and opinionated bile which builds a warped and incorrect image of modern Britain.

Yet, their website is one of the biggest in the world and the newspaper continues to be popular, so people seem to enjoy being annoyed and controlled by an editorial brainwashing on a daily basis, so who am I to talk?