Facebook Shit

I really can’t be arsed with Facebook. I’m going to nullify that statement immediately by saying that yes, I’m on it, but hardly use it. It’s a partial need to follow local groups and stuff. However, I hate this generated campaigns and “funny videos” that have been created to “go viral” just to promote a product. Whether it’s good or bad, it gets the name out there.

Today it’s someone posting something about Costa coffee. He’s found that the large coffee cup, when decanted into a “regular” one, is “the same”. He’s filmed a thing on his phone showing that the entire contents of his large cup easily fits into the regular one..

Screenshot 2016-03-29 at 22.36.58

Here’s the scientific footage, but on YouTube instead..


People have shared it a lot and it’s got more than 10 million views, which is bonkers in itself. 10 million views of someone decanting a fucking coffee cup. The world has gone bloody insane.

The poster of the video then claimed that Costa deleted his original post (sent to the Costa Coffee Facebook page) because it was getting “too much exposure” (of the wrong kind, for the company). ANyhoo.. Costa sent back and said this..

Screenshot 2016-03-29 at 22.41.57

Think about it. If Costa filled your regular cup COMPLETELY TO THE TOP with coffee (and not enough space for cream or any other topping you want), then popped a plastic lid on it and sent you on your merry way, you’d go a bit bonkers when it inevitably spilt all over your arm.

Then you’d “sue”. Then you’d post about how “dangerous” and terrible Costa coffee is because “they fill the cups too much! It’s a health and safety issue!!”


Have you made yourself a cup of tea or coffee at home recently? Did you FILL IT COMPLETELY TO THE TOP? No you didn’t, because if you DID you’d BURN YOURSELF WHEN YOU WALKED AWAY FROM THE KETTLE YOU UTTER TOOL.

So stop posting shit on Facebook. Stop “sharing” the shit on Facebook. Stop bloody using Facebook and go outside and do something a bit more useful FFS.