Build your own Spitfire. Just £1200

Remember when I used to post on this site? Ahh, those were the days. Before Twitter consumed my daily rants…

Anyways, at the weekend I stumbled across another one of these insane “build your own” models which are part of a weekly magazine. The magazine has some components on the front of it – you stick them together week by week and, eventually, you can create yourself a Spitfire.

Seems like a fun project, but always read the small print. Here the first magazine is £1.99 and the rest of the editions you need are £9.99 each. Oh, and you need all 120 editions to create the Spitfire. That’s also assuming that your local newsagent doesn’t run out of copies one week and your entire project gets ruined.

Work it out though. £1.99 for the first edition and then 119 more at £9.99 each. That’s £1.99 + £1,188.81. A total of £1,190.80. Call it £1,200 or more if you’re driving every week to the newsagents to get the thing.

Utterly ridiculous. If you really want to spend almost £1,200 on this, there’s a website for the thing.