Friday nightmare

Not much of a blog post this – just some stuff I need to get off my chest. Today I’ve been a bit hung-over, ‘cus I got completely trolleyed last night. I only just made the mini-bus to get me to the party, mainly because of two problems. One was the V Festival, which blocked up a lot of the roads around my area. Another was the stupid-ass c**ks that can’t understand the new pricing system on the M6 Toll.

They’ve tweaked the prices recently. It’s now 3 quid for a car if you go through a main plaza, and 2 quid if you’re getting off at one of the local toll booths … easy enough? Yeah? So basically if you go the whole length of the motoroway you get charged 3 quid, but if you get off at a local juction (like T5, T6 or T7 etc) you get charged 2 quid. Easy ? Yeah? No.. not for some. Even though the price is in HUGE-ASS letters on electronic signs, plus signs as you get onto the motorway – not to mention the newspaper articles and adverts about it.. they still get it wrong. Not ONLY do they get it WRONG and dish out either too much or too little money, but they sit there and discuss the whole thing with the bloody toll booth attendant!!!


I had to sit there while the bloke handed out 3 quid (thinking it was 3, but this is a local toll, so it’s 2 quid), then getting supremely confused when he has a pound coin handed back to him. Not only THAT but he also ARGUES THE POINT with the friggin toll booth attendant – telling HIM that he’s got it wrong and that it SHOULD be 3 quid!!!!!! My god how thick is this guy !?!? Don’t worry mate, I’ve only been sat here for 4 minutes listening to this, when I could be getting on a mini-bus and getting drunk. SHIFT YOUR STUPID ASS !!!

You may think that I’m over-reacting – but no – the next guy in front of me decides to try throwing 3 quid into the automated basket thing, even though he’s in the “Attendant and M6 Toll tag only” lane. ARSE*OLE!!! SHIFT !!NOW!!! Oh my god, he’s confused now – the attendant is coming out of his booth and taking the money out of the basket… No.. this cannot be happening.. I could be drinking beer now.. You stupid b****y melon.. How do you breathe? Oh look – now he’s having the same discussion with the attendant.. and the barrier has gone up.. but still he’s sat there – not moving – at 5.40PM on a Friday night… I’ll just wait with the other 20 people behind me shall I? You just have a nice little chat. Hey – while you’re at it why don’t you start asking directions? Oh – wait, you are… Just dandy…

Read the instructions next time.

Oh – and don’t get me started on that idiot in the Ford Fiesta who decided to use the exit slip-road from Stafford Services as a T-junction. He nearly caused a pile-up by moving across the chevrons, then indicating LEFT and pulling out in front of a Norbert Dirtyangle lorry at about 12mph. Twonk.. get off the road. People should be made to take motorway tests. Is the lane to your left empty ? Yes? USE IT YOU BLOODY IDIOT!!! Sitting in lane 3 at 60 mph is NOT what you should be doing…

There.. I’ve vented my spleen.. :) Sorry, I use the M6 and M6 Toll a lot… daily.. Plus I had beer to drink, and it was Friday night… it’s understandable, I’m sure you’ll agree. :)