Am I the only one who thinks US politics is a bit nuts? I won’t pretend to know much about it and I won’t pretend that UK politics is much better, but the Republican party is currently using images of the twin towers to win votes. This is a little.. well, I think it leaves a bit of bad taste in the mouth. Then they go nuts about Michael Moores’ film “Fahrenheit 9/11”.. but it’s “Freedom Of Speech” isn’t it? So.. They want the US to vote Bush because of the war and the (invisible) weapons of mass destruction? Oh, and plus we don’t like “that film” do we? Eh? I’m confused – but then it gets worse… on Monday George W Bush talked to NBC’s “Today” programme and said (I quote from this article)…

“When asked “Can we win?” the war on terror, Bush said, “I don’t think you can win it.”

Then.. 24 hours later, he says, “We meet today at a time of war for our country. A war we did not start, yet one that we will win.”

Make yer mind up ! :) (Source –

Then, we’ve got “I’ll be back” Arnie coming up soon .. which should be …….. interesting. Arnold Schwarzenegger …… Arnold Schwarzenegger …. Arnold … bloomin .. Schwarzenegger .. on stage with George W Bush, one of the most powerful men in the world at the Republican Convention in the US. Is it just me ? It’s the Terminator ! It’s the bloomin Terminator!!!! This is the guy.. the guy who was IDEALLY CAST to be a ROBOT… WhY?!?!?!? WhY?!?!?! BECAUSE HE’S NOT VERY GOOD AT DIALOGUE.. AGH! He’s the Govenor of California … and he’s now going to be on worldwide news … it’s just.. plain.. weird…

Ahhhh – Come on, I’m not bashing the US. Please don’t send me complaints !! I’m just poking fun! :) :) Don’t get me started on our politics!!

Meanwhile, at home we get news of our Royal Mail completely failing to deliver mail on time…..

R E A L L Y ?!?!!??!

The Royal Mail is absolutely rubbish. Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish. It’s pants, it’s complete pants. I rely on post and parcel companies a lot, and the worst service ever comes from DHL and our Post Office. My post arrives at 11.30 AM daily. It used to arrive at 7.30, but since the Post Office started their “Modernisation Programme”, they’ve merged the old “first” and “second” post into one, so that all the post is delivered first time.. however, it’s now 4 hours later. Parcels and bulky items used to arrive before I went to work, but now me and everyone else is at work when Mr Postie arrives with his boxes and bulky items. They then mount up.. and mount up… The local sub post-office looks like a box room if you ever go to collect anything (that couldn’t be delivered because the postie arrived late) … the poor postie people can’t find your package and you end up queuing and waiting for ages.

Luckily the Post Office have a solution … a solution to fix all these bulky item delivery problems …..

Ths solution?

The answer to all the problems??

Ram it through your window!!

So, you’re not in to get that bulky package at 11.30am – hmmm – there’s too many parcels at the local sub post-office, we can’t take it back – let’s chuck it through an open window shall we? So far I’ve got two smashed vases (bird is not happy) and a broken parcel.

DHL – do I need to go there? The people who sent a parcel across from the US in 2 days, then spent 10 days getting it lost somewhere between Birmingham Airport and East Mids Airport ? Then finding it, then delivering it to the wrong address, but they can’t remember where – but someone signed for it.. so that’s OK.