A natty invention to avoid smoking bans..

Smoking. It’s not big, or clever. You stink like crap and you’ll get some horrible fatal disease one day. You’ll come up with feable excuses like, “It’s no worse than drinking alcohol” or “I like it, it calms me down, sod off!”, to mask the fact that you’re actually hopelessly addicted to the things.

I know what you’re thinking though.. “Hmm, I think he might be a non-smoker. What a git.” .. :) Well, you’d be right – but that doesn’t stop me sympathizing with the smokers who are being hounded out of shops, bars, restaurants and offices around the world. So here’s an advert for a new product which will enable you smokers to light up anywhere you feel. ;)

Log in (don’t forget you can stay logged in all the time now!) and download it by clicking here. Then you can plonk it on your phone and show your mates (and stir up some smoking arguments). :)

Download and view the NicoSphere advert here or get more info at nicosphere3000.com