Get down, happy people!

Say what you will about the British people. We moan when it’s hot, we moan when it’s cold, we moan when it’s wet, we moan when it’s too dry.


love to moan, we love to complain, we hate giving ourselves a pat on the back or telling someone else that they’re great. We like Fish and

Chips and we moan at foreign food, although when we try it .. it’s great. We’ll have a barbeque or put the soft-top down (if you’ve got one) if

the temperature goes above 20 degrees C.

We don’t like change.. the new BBC Weather broadcast caused a cavalcade of complaints and our local council recently decided to switch the

frequency of bin collections. Result ? Letters to the local paper stating that everything from MRSA to a rat epidemic would be caused by


We hate getting told off. We go through 30-mph speed-cameras at 57mph then moan at the fine. We don’t like doing anything out of the ordinary,

like shouting or moving our hands too much on a packed train. I dare you to get on any train without a book, magazine, paper or laptop. Go on,

talk to the person next to you.. it’ll freak them out.

But wait..

There’s a festival called Glastonbury. On Friday it p*ssed it down and people got washed out of their tents…

Look.. these are British people… they’re wet, they’re cold, they’ve got no personal belongings left. They’ve spent money too! They’ve spent money to get wet, muddy and cold!! But look, they’re happy, they don’t care… sure, granted, they’re probably on a cocktail of drink and drugs BUT … YAY! YAY for happy British people enjoying themselves.

I saw a bit of Glastonbury on the various interactive channels and BBC3 / BBC2. Fantastic fantastic, and Fat Boy Slim (I’ve met him in Ibiza, worra sound bloke) blew the place apart as per usual.


So go out tomorrow and take a bit of Glastonbury with you. Relax a bit, talk to the person next to you, stop moaning so much – go out in the sun and sweat. Fart in public, tell your boss he’s being an arse. Tell yourself that – actually, you’re quite f**king brilliant.