For Sale – 3500 Watt Generator

I get so much stuff through the email. Most of it I just can’t keep up with .. or post.. I’ve got a few bits and bobs here – they’re not quite work safe, but they’re no worse than a copy of The Sun!

First up though, I’ve got this 3500 Watt Generator for sale. If anyone is interested please let me know.

Ahh but seriously. I’m intrigued by these scooters that the kiddies are bombing round on. I can deal with the “stand-up and push” ones, I can deal with the “electric stand-up” ones, but these “electric sit-down” ones are a bit too weird in my book. Let me explain with pictures….

Here’s example #1 – A standard scooter for children…

..y’know the type yeah ? You’ll probably see kids whizzing up and down on these every day during these long summer months. What struck me though is just how similar these things are to….

Is it just me ? Do these kids not realise that they’ll probably be bombing around on the same scooter, just with an extra couple of wheels in a few years time ? I’m trying to figure out whether we should applaud the mobility scooter manufacturers for diversifying out into the childrens toy market, or whether we should be worried about their involvement. If the manufacturer of disabled and OAP products were to continue doing this, we may start seeing “pee anywhere pants” or perhaps Star Wars Light Sabres that also double as a handy walking stick and stool ?

Oh, that reminds me – here’s a picture someone took of an elderly chap getting his Maccy’D fix without even having to get out of his mobility scooter.. :)

So now, finally, I can bring you these pictures of laydies. Yes, I’ll probably get complaints for this, but it’ll be you guys clicking on these links – not me! :)

The Perfect Girl! Love! Can you get me another beer?

Wish U Were Here

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Right! I’m off to watch the womens’ Tennis with the brightness turned down…. ;)