Nice one London!

So yay. London will be hosting to 2012 Olympic Games. There’s a few things to watch out for though, because todays events leave you with mixed emotions. What started as a peaceful protest by Live 8 has been royally f**ked up by a hardcore of nutters.

The picture on the right is from Sky News. This guy is smashing up – with an iron bar – a completely innocent car belonging to a local resident. They weren’t doing anything wrong – they were just trying to get home when some f**king pillock starts to break their windows. He didn’t even have the balls to show his face. I dunno about you, but I’m completely behind the police when I see pictures like this.

Give the coppers a stun-gun or something for gawds sake. Don’t get me wrong – 99.9% of the protestors are peaceful, and are probably horrified by these images, which is not what they wanted to portray at all. Unfortunately there’s always a hardcore of plebs who get a kick from violence. They’re usually the 20 or so at the front with balaclavas on. Click here for a shining example.

Again – I don’t want to detract from the peaceful protesters who are trying to put their message across. They’re doing a fantastic job, but their message is being tainted by these nutters. Let’s just hope they’re not around in 2012 when the London Olympics start!

Congrats once again London!

All pictures and links – Sky News