London Blasts

I feel I have to do a quick post about the explosions in London. There’s obviously lots of news coming out right now about who is responsible etc – it would appear to be a co-ordinated attack by terrorists, similar to that of September 11th. Unbelievably it appears that Paul – one of my mates was pictured coming away from one of the explosions. This picture appears to be on the front page of many news sites – CNN, Sky, BBC and more. Hopefully the lady he’s guiding away is now recovering.

For those in London today I’m sure I speak for everyone reading this that we hope you’re safe and well. I’d like to extend my condolences for those who have been affected by these attacks.

Londoners and the British people are a strong bunch, and we – along with the rest of the civilised world – will hold strong. Like Tony Blair said just hours ago..

“When they try to intimidate us, we will not be intimidated. When they seek to change our country or our way of life by these methods, we will not be changed.”

Terrorism relies on fear, and we’re not frightened.

Images and latest – Sky News