Locating you lot! :)

Notepad. What would we do without it eh ? I use it for jotting stuff down, making quick notes and even writing news stories. Brilliant. I always have a shortcut to Notepad on every computer I use, it just makes my work and website-running life a lot easier.

Anyway.. on an unrelated topic.. Today, after reading the lovely Jenneths’ new site, I decided to try out a site called GVisit.com and I’ve enabled it for CoolSmartPhone. So far, it looks pretty good. I doubt it’s something I’ll use permenantly as it doesn’t give too much detail, however it is interesting to see how many people visit the site and where they’re from. You can have a look at the most recent people to visit CoolSmartPhone by clicking here, although I may have removed it if the code I need to include on the top of my pages slows things down too much.

Check it out of you run a site – it even has an RSS feed that you can use.

Link – GVisit.com

Edit – Good yes, but I can’t afford the 3 or 4 seconds it takes to do the query on every single CoolSmartPhone page that loads, so I’ve had to remove it.. Ahh well. :)