I can’t add up..

This Gold Digger track by Kanye West is stuck in my head now. I’ve no idea why because I can’t really fathom out most of the words. Last night I figured I’d find out what he was singing and did a Google search. Apparently it’s something like..

“Cutie the bomb
Met her at a beauty salon
With a baby louis vuitton
Under her underarm”

..ok.. got you so far Kanye. Not a problem. Let’s go onto the next bit..

“She said I can tell you ROC
I can tell by ya charm
Far as girls you got a flock
I can tell by ya charm and ya arm”

Sorry Kanye mate, I’ve lost you there. What was that ? By an arm ?

When he says “flock” I’m expecting some sheep… then the whole song takes on a totally different meaning.

Dunno… No idea. However it doesn’t seem to stop me humming it, then shouting, “WE WANT PRE-NUPT! WE WANT PRE-NUPT!” every now and then across the office.

Anyway, a slight change of direction now. Last night me and my gorgeous fianc