Weddings, Parking and Puppies!

I took a day off today. It’s chuffing brilliant to have a day off and make a nice two-day weekend into an even nicer three day weekend y’know. :) I took today off primarily to go try out some suits for our wedding in June next year. We got up early (around 11.30am) and then went down to the suit place where I thoroughly amazed myself at just how damned good I looked in a suit. :)

Aghh.. wait – I have to be careful what I say now y’see. I’m bound to get some emails just because of that comment on it’s own. I’m going to go off at a tangent here, but I’ve noticed a lot over the past few months that the site has become bigger and bigger. You’d think that this would be great stuff – which it is – however, if I were to say something mildly political or risque I end up with masses of emails, threats or abuse. :) In fact, I’d be surprised if I didn’t get an email saying…

“How dare you say how good you look, you egotistical jerk!”…

Is this what it’s like to be a celebrity ? Sure, I’m not quite at the stage where people are running after me in the street saying…

“Hey, can I have your autograph man!?”

..but having such large feedback about everything you write can be kinda strange at times. Maybe I should check into a rehab clinic now huh ?

Where was I ? Oh yes, so we decided on a suit. Afterwards we went on to see my mom and dad’s new puppy. Here he is.. ahhh … I was amazed about how house trained he is, even at 8 weeks old. He’s not totally house-trained of course, but not far off. Any little accidents can be cleaned up by new “Council Tax Foam”. It’s called that because it’s designed to completely take the piss out of you.

Ahem.. Joke.. :)

Anyway, on Saturday we had a look at Wedding bands. I’ve never worn a ring before, so the whole thing is a bit weird and I had a worrying moment when the ring I was trying on just refused to come off.

“Just rotate it slightly and tug”, said the lady in the jewellers. “I don’t think this is the time or place for that”, said I.. thinking that she’d find it funny.. Nope.. It was about as funny as my “Council Tax Foam” joke. Emily tried a ring on too, which looked fantastic. She wanted a white gold ring because, “I don’t like yellow gold rings, they look flippin’ council and chavvy”. Ah, now. If only she’d checked the sales assistants’ fingers first… There upon her hand were two yellow gold rings. DOAH!

The lady didn’t really help us much after that.

So back to today. Before we got to the suit place we’d parked up in a supermarket car-park mainly because it’s usually free to do so. However, as I was driving Em’s Mini I noticed a piece of paper in the door panel. It had the ever familiar Staffordshire County Council logo on it and large red lettering saying, “PENALTY NOTICE” …. oh no.. not again.. don’t tell me… not AnOtHeR parking fine?! Surely not….?

“What the f*** is this Em?”, said I after parking up and holding it in my hand.

“Ahhhh sh**. I was hiding that one from you”, she retorts.

“This one ? How many more have you had recently ? You’re already collecting the bloody things. The parking wardens know you by your first name!”

“I was only going to be 5 minutes, and I didn’t think you had to pay in that car-park”

“Arseholes. That’s what you always say. You need to call them up or something, get this sorted before the penalty goes up even higher. Bloody 40 quid! If you’d paid 40 quid into the meter you could’ve parked there for a month!”

“It’s alright, it’s alright, they’ve got an automated telephone line you can call to get it sorted.”

“I’ll bet they chuffin’ have!!! I bet you know the number off-by-heart!!”

Women.. they’re a bloody nightmare !