Happy what ?

I’m sorry, but am I the only one who’s a bit narked by this ? Why are people here in the UK telling me to “have a good holiday” or to “meet on Holiday Tuesday” ? I only say because on the BBC Weather news tonight they said, “…and Holiday Tuesday will be much the same weather…” … Didn’t we used to call it “Christmas Tuesday”? Or “Christmas Wednesday” .. why are people like the BBC, councils, companies and newspapers suddenly changing the name? It’s Christmas. Not holidays. I’m not sitting on some beach somewhere, it’s Christmas time – mistletoe, Christmas Trees and holly. Not holidays! We never used to say, “Happy Holidays” because here in the UK “Holidays” are when we go abroad with Thomas Cook and get rat-arsed for a couple of weeks in Ibiza. In the USA Holidays have pretty much always been associated with Christmas as “Vacation” is a break away with the family somewhere sunny.

Maybe it’s just me, and I know that the States have been saying, “Happy Holidays” for a while, however I’m worried that the word “Christmas” is being rapidly replaced by “Holidays” here in the UK too.

Strange… Why? Nobody is offended by it. People are calling it “Winterfest” and “Holiday Season” because they think it’s going to offend a multi-cultural UK. Cobblers. You get me anyone who dislikes seeing some flashing lights and a few Christmas trees here in the UK. Am I offended by…… say.. Diwali ? Errr.. no. How can I be ? Some lights are being hung and sweets are being handed out. Sounds like a good deal to me. Do the Hindu people here in the UK suddenly rename “Diwali” to “Bright Light Season” so that they don’t offend everyone else? No.

Anyway, I’m gonna get down off my soap-box now. Have a great Christmas everyone! Eat lots, drink lots and don’t forget to “god will to all men”… I had to keep remembering it today when the bloke in the queue at Morrisons put his PIN code into the Chip-n-Pin machine incorrectly about 17 times…! :)