How this site used to look…

Carl has just emailed me with a bit of a flash-back to the old days of CoolSmartPhone.. You may have read about the history of CoolSmartPhone and how it all started from one page on a family web site. After a few months of this I decided to get a proper domain-name for my creation. For some strange reason I chose ““, which is where the site stayed until my visit to the Microsoft HQ, where I had to try and explain why a Smartphone website was called ““…

..I didn’t have much joy explaining it, so I switched to the domain-name you see today,, and the rest is history. Ah, but not quite history enough, as the infamous web archive proves. Doah! The / Wayback Machine is fantastic for seeing how things used to be back in the old days, so why not click here and see how used to look on January 28th 2003 ?

Yes, back in the day, when I knew very little about HTML, PHP, MySQL, cron jobs, shell scripts and the like, Frontpage was my worst enemy and best friend all at once.. :)

Hehehehe :)

Links – / The Wayback Machine from January 28 2003
The history of CoolSmartPhone

Edit – Here’s how started off looking when we switched domains.. It’s not too bad considering! :) Almost all of the links still work, even if you take off the “” bit in the URL :)