Top Gear is back and it’s better than ever

It’s great to see Top Gear back on Sundays again. I laughed pretty much all the way through. If you missed it then it’ll be repeated on Tuesday or you can watch the whole programme right now here (you must be a UK resident) thanks the the BBC website.

It was great to see Jeremy Clarkson taking the pee out of the Vauxhall Vectra once more. They did a review of “hot saloons” and included the Mondeo ST220, Mazda 6 and the Vauxhall Vectra VXR. He managed to get into the VXR, which has far more power than a lot of cars on the road, without moaning too much. He even liked it for a while – it beat the other two cars in a straight line with ease. However, it all came very un-stuck when a corner approached. The chassis just couldn’t cope and although it was the fastest car there you had to cope with “almost lethal understeer”.

The pic above shows the car going in a straight line with the wheels turned – you’d have to slow right down to get around a corner without decorating someones’ front garden. If you do that it would just be like owning a normal Vectra.

The team also decided to go on a caravan holiday – just to see what people see in it. Their experience was pretty bad – they crashed the caravan whilst leaving a petrol station and then it got a whole lot worse from there. Still, they got the car back in one piece at least. The same can’t be said for this guy, who’s planning to crush his new Peugeot 307 because it’s just soooo crap.

Catch Top Gear on Sunday – BBC 2 at 8PM or at 7PM on Tuesdays. It’s also on BBC Broadband so get watching – this is the finest TV show in the world ever. :)