Brits in America

I love this clip. Gordon Ramsay is an excellent cook and – without doubt – he never holds back. His UK shows were excellent and he continued the “Hells Kitchen” success in the USA too. This weekend I was flicking through the huge amount of channels and landed on “Hells Kitchen USA” which was on ITV 16+1 or something. I’ve just quickly recorded part of this onto an SD card with the Neuros recorder and then dumped it to the monolithic YouTube..

This clip was perhaps the best part of the show. A guest dares to question the meal he’s been given. That’s fine however he then storms up to the kitchen area and interrupts Gordon as he’s trying to prepare a meal. Ohh dear, fatal mistake. For some reason he believes that Gordon Ramsays’ restaurant is like the local KFC where he can ask for more or less of something… ahh.. not so…

I love this – it perhaps shows the difference between us Brits and our American friends :)

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