Now THAT is a big laptop!

A few years ago I made the mistake of buying a “desktop replacement”-style laptop. Regular readers will be aware of my Sony PCG-GRX lappy and the problems I had with it. The 16-inch screen and the weight of the thing meant it was probably more at home on a desk than being carried about constantly. In the end it broke so I went to get the thing fixed and it’s now sat upstairs in the spare room in a completely stationary position.

So what if your had a 20 inch monster to carry around? Sure, my wife says I should be used to this, but what if the 20 inch monster was a laptop and you tried to use it around New York ? (Emily is now laughing for some reason) Well, that’s what Laptop Magazine did with the new Dell XPS M2010. It’s a hugely expensive “laptop” which is probably more at home sat on a desk or in your front room as a TV. Yet, for some reason, it does actually close and act like a laptop.

After annoying several people on the subway the reviewer took the lappy to the local Starbucks where he got some interesting reactions like “That’s enormous!”

Have a read of the review below :)

Link – Laptop Magazine