The Santa Ambulance IN THE FLESH!

You’ve already seen a couple of blog posts here regarding the Christmas Ambulance. A local charity in my home town of Burntwood have had an old ambulance donated to them and they’re currently touring the area in it. This alone may seem strange enough, but it gets even weirder when you see the thing in the flesh. I saw it drive past one night and noticed that they’d painted it completely black. The paint appears to be the same stuff that people paint blackboards with, so – in a vein attempt to make this A-Team style vehicle a little more Christmassy they’ve stuck some rope lights on it.

Yesterday though I saw it again at the local Morrisons. Luckily enough I had my phone with me this time and took this shot. They’ve now added a red sleigh-shaped thing on the side too. Nice huh ?

After breaking down the other day it was good to see it back in operation, even though there didn’t appear to be many…. or should I say any children waiting to get into the blacked out sleigh.