A pleasant afternoon by the pool

So here I am, sat by the pool. I’ve already read the book I’ve brought with me (Peter Kay, The Sound of Laughter). I’d almost finished it before we actually got here, however there never seems to be enough time back home to read books. It’s actually only the third or fourth proper book I’ve read. When I say “proper” I’m obviously not including those “Janet and John” books you read at school. I love reading autobiographies for some reason – this Peter Kay book, the rather hap-hazard Chris Moyles book and the Jackie Chan autobiography. I guess deep down I ‘m trying to understand how these people, who I respect and admire, have become as successful and popular as they now are.

The answer? How have they all excelled in their chosen field? Each and every time it appears to be down to a natural talent and extremely hard work.

Perhaps one day I could reach that level of success, then maybe we could retire to somewhere like this – in the Caribbean where the sun shines and the pace of life is just right. No rushing, no stress, no traffic jams or deadlines to meet.

I’ve already told Emily that this is my ideal retirement spot. Me, Emily, sunshine and a beach. That’s all I need. Sure, it does help that I’ve got my Orange SPV M3100 and a free WiFi connection too. In fact, it’s kinda weird. Right now I’m typing out this blog whilst sat by the pool, so that’s the blogs and website updates all sorted. I can also check the webcam I’ve left running at home to see if our cat is OK. Also, if I really insisted on it, I could have work redirect my calls to a VoIP phone here.. The only minor issue here would be the 6 hour time difference and the daily 3AM start.

In effect then, if we really wanted to, we could emigrate to the Caribbean and I could continue to work, update the site and keep in touch with friends and family with Skype (which, so far on this holiday, has already saved us a small fortune). The plus points? Well, there’s the weather for a start. It’s pretty permanently scorching, the people are a lot more laid back and every Caribbean lager I’ve ever tried seems to be top notch. We’d also probably be better off and we’d look a lot healthier with a constant year-round tan ;).

The cons? Well, it is about 10 hours from the UK and you can’t ever really beat home. Proper tea, fish and chips, you friends, family and the local pub – there’s a lot wrong with the UK but I’d still miss it a little too much for my liking.

What else was I going to discuss here ? Oh yes, Emily has just mentioned the huge amount of fake breasts around this pool. It seems that this resort, the Moon Palace in Cancun, has a large amount of affluent Americans staying. Indeed, this hotel isn’t cheap – I’ve already told Emily that this is definitely the last holiday for at least the next two decades or so. However, most of the women dotted around the pool appear to have had boob jobs. Strangely it was actually Emily that spotted this first..

“Have you seen her over there?”


“That girl with the pink bag, have you seen the size of her boobs?”

“Err, no” (it’s true, actually hadn’t!)

“I’ve never seen so much silicone in one place”

Emily then proceeded, in her rather unsubtle manner, to point out more ladies with fake breasts and insisted that I stare at them whilst she explained how un-natural they looked.

All in all, it was quite a pleasant afternoon.