Tara Palmer is mental!

The whole Red Nose Day thing is, as usual, a fantastic cause and well worth your money. There’s a few bad points though, firstly is the Sugababes vs Girls Aloud song, which is possibly the worst pile of arse ever – just don’t buy it, just give a fiver or so direct to the charity instead and give your ears a rest :) The second bad bit of the whole Red Nose events is Comic Relief Does Fame Academy. Gawd – this hurts my ears more than the official Comic Relief CD. Some Z-list celebs feature on this positively dreadful TV show. Perhaps the worst part has to be Tara Palmer Tomkinson, who’s obviously still snorting cocaine and waffles or sweats through most of show.

Waghh!!! Mental woman. Just what does she do for a living ? Nutter.

Talking about nutters, don’t get me started on the current “green policies” in the media. I’ll not pretend to be up-to-speed with all the current party leaders. From what I’ve seen you’ve got some geezer called Ming in charge of the Lib Dems – he looks about 80 and probably has a house the size of Slough, then you’ve got some cheesy looking fella heading up the Conservatives who the press seem to be hounding because he “may” have smoked some pot years ago and then you’ve got Gordon Brown – the guy getting ready to take over from Blair – who looks like he just needs a good wash … seriously, he freaks me out. Cut your hair man, or buy a better suit. You look just plain scruffy.