Viva! The Stardust is no more!

We were lucky enough to visit several places during our honeymoon in June last year. The first destination was Las Vegas, which I only spoke about a couple of days back when I mentioned how money-driven the place is (obviously).

We stopped at the Venetian, which is a stunning place and has a river going through it (no, really!) complete with Godolas. This (right) was our view from the room – there was lots of construction work going on nearby and we could see the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino plus the Stardust hotel on the far right. Unfortunately though, it’s not there any more because they’ve just blown it to bits to make way for a new $4.4 billion mega resort called “Echelon” which is to be built by the existing owners of Stardust.

As usual the whole thing was turned into a massive event with a countdown timer and fireworks…

I know I go on about history and the fact that it’s easily wiped out in Las Vegas, however we walked past this hotel many times and that alone shows why it is being rebuilt. Too many people ignored it, despite its’ well-known sign and pedigree. Built in 1958 it is one of the strips’ tallest buildings to be demolished.

We took the shot above when we were there. It’s a well-known hotel and will be familiar to many.

Unfortunately it’s gone, however I’ve no doubt that the new complex will be more than able to pull in the crowds and will generate more cash for the owners whilst providing a fantastic new place to visit for holiday makers.

Oh, and here’s a shot I took of Las Vegas on my SPV M600 whilst at the top of the Stratosphere tower. Nice huh ?