– It rocks

My blog is usually a mad mix of my personal life plus interesting videos and links I find. Lately it’s been the latter, and today I found a site called It lets you instantly create your own customised home page and, although you may compare it to the Google equivalent, it makes the customization process so damned easy it’s laughable. Load it up, drag and drop – add your own RSS feeds or add OPML files (which are just a bunch of RSS feeds in one file) and bingo – you’ve got your world on one page. Stocks, weather, news – even this blog – all on one page, and it works so, so well. Stunning.

When you’re happy you just log in and it’ll save your layout so it pops up the same on any computer, anywhere.

Then it gets better you can add modules like Google Maps, Calendars, Webcams, Pictures, even an iFrame to pick stuff from any site – the list is endless. I love stuff that just “works”. Brilliant.

Link –