One of the worst things that can ever happen

I need to tell you guys about a horrible experience. It’s something that I hope no-one will ever have to face. It’s hard for me to put this into words, but I’ll try..

The other night we were watching TV. It was a normal evening and we were both sat on the sofa chilling out… but then, it happened. Emily had a cup of tea and she’d placed it on the floor. All we heard was a splash. We looked down to see the Sky+ remote bobbing up and down in the tea. It had managed to go in front-first and was submerged in the brew.


I wiped it down, popped it on the radiator and left it to dry but no, it was too late. The tea had got into the inner workings and it’s poor little LED stopped working…:(

So, horror of horrors – we had to physically get up and fiddle around with the controls on the front of the Sky box to get the TV to switch channels. It was terrible. Sure, with just 5 or 50 channels you might be able to stick it for a while but – with several hundred to scroll through it becomes a nightmare.. even more so without the aid of the coloured “shortcut” buttons.

But wait – worse was yet to come.

I ordered a new remote from eBay after it became clear that our old Sky remote had packed up. However, last night I had another try. I figured there was nothing to lose so I gave it a good “wash” with a very wet cloth. If there was tea stuck to the circuit board inside then it needed removing, so I thought this could work. :) Strangely, after a quick blast with the hair dryer, the LED flashed up when I pressed the buttons. Wehay!

My hopes were quickly dashed though. I tried it and only half of the buttons responded. I gave it another blast on the hair dryer and – amazingly – it’s fixed it !

So now I have two Sky remotes for the TV. Hmm.. that’s one for me and one for Emily. I think this could cause some arguments.. :)