Rain, rain, rain, site tweaks, rain, rain.

Today, for a change, it rained. I’m beginning to think that summer 2007 is officially cancelled here in the UK because it has been completely rrrrrrrrrrrrrubbish.

The weather forecasters have now started to say, “Good evening.. ermm.. no, this isn’t a recording but…..”

Rain… then tomorrow, it’ll rain. Then the next day things are looking up because it’ll rain slightly less. Joy.

I took a few moments this evening to trim a HUGE amount of “late night coding tweaks” from the site. Most of this gumph was loading stuff we don’t use on the site, or it was quick fix stuff that I shoved in to get everything running faster. I’ve gone through and done some short-cuts, thrown a lot code in the bin, trashed a lot of MySQL queries and hard-coded some stuff.

End result ? Well, the site should load ever-so-slightly quicker. I’m reckoning about 2 seconds quicker, but hey, it’s not bad.