iPhone web app dangers

The Apple iPhone. It’s out now in the USA and the feedback, according to Apple, is “broadly positive”. There’s new applications for it and more are appearing daily. But, there’s a potential problem. Think about it – all of the apps have to be on the internet somewhere. They’re hosted on a web server. It could be any web server in the world so you may not spot if the site is legit or not. A good example is this SSH tool. It’ll let you connect to a server on the internet and may be useful for anyone running a Linux system.

Spot the problem?

Ooo… I’ll just put my root username and password in here and click submit.. doo-bee-doo…

Doah! It’s a glaring security problem and luckily this is just a prank site to highlight the potential security issues with sending data to and from internet sites. You could achieve more by setting up an “Apple iPhone Internet Banking Application” online too – just sit back and watch the money come rolling in..

This page (please don’t put any details in, just click submit!) redirects to this rather unflattering “applepedia.com” page to highlight some of the errmmm… pros and cons of the iPhone.