Victoria Beckham – Please STAY in America!

OK, so tonight we’re watching the Victoria Beckham thing. It’s all about their move to America following Davids’ move to LA Galaxy. According to the introduction the programme “looks at Victoria as she prepares for David and the children to arrive”.

Well, what can I say? Victoria… stay there, please. Don’t come back.

I’ve never seen such a stuck up, egotistical, idiotic, self obsessed fruit-loop in all my life. She needs a big, fat, dry slap square across her bony chops.

The most telling part of Victorias’ documentary had to be the start, where it plainly said, “Some scenes have been recreated for dramatic affect”. In other words, “it’s all a load of old arse that we made up to try and make Victoria look good”.

She’s trying to emulate the success of the Osbourne-style documentaries but, let me tell you, this is so cringe-worthy it’s unreal. It’s bad. They’ve failed, it’s so utterly crap I almost put Big Brother on instead. It’s all acted, faked and staged. The whole programme is almost as false as Victoria herself.

Made and controlled by Mr Fuller (the guy behind the Spice Girls), this is such a god-awful representation of a British celeb I almost felt like smashing the TV up. In the space of an hour Victoria Beckham has destroyed any tiny bit of credibility she had.

In “Victoria Beckham – Coming to America” she simply moves her tiny, unfeminine, skeletal frame around in a series of daft and completely staged events in an effort to raise her profile. Look at this daft pose she did when she had her US driving licence photo! All she ends up doing is annoying everyone and people will probably choose to ignore her instead of follow her.

So please, can she stay in the US forever?