Where did the summer go?

What the hell is going on with our weather? Flood after flood after flood. It’s almost as if global warming has gone into overdrive… I mean sure, the ice caps may melt and flood large parts of the UK, but I honestly didn’t think we’d get a months worth of rain every few hours.

This is going to sound a little dull, but last summer I had to water our hanging baskets and flowers ever night. This summer, I haven’t done it once. It just rains and rains and rains. This year the flowers are floating about. I feel like I should be dishing out lifejackets!

One of the other side-affects of this consistent wet weather is the fact that absolutely everyone is miserable. When the sun does come out, as it did on Wednesday, everyone suddenly smiles and does the gardening. They’ll wear shorts and t-shirts and open their car windows. Me? Well, I don’t care any more. If it rains I’ll put my shorts on. I figure that if the summer isn’t going to come to me then I’ll come to the summer instead!