People are bonkers, part two

Ekk. Now I’m getting even more annoyed. Yes, following my previous blog post I’m now annoyed by something on the local news. I couldn’t really believe my ears, so I had to check the website and ….. yes it’s true.

On Sunday the West Midlands Ambulance Service had over 3000 calls to 999. That’s 3000 in one day. It was very icy on Sunday and so you’d expect a slight increase, but there was over 500 extra calls from idiots who have fallen over in the ice. That ISN’T a life-threatening injury. You DO NOT call 999 if you’ve fallen and bumped your arse in the snow.

Net result? Only 10% of these 3000 calls were genuine emergencies. That’s utterly disgusting. People really need to educate themselves. There’s far too many mental people around me.. aghh!

Link – West Midlands Ambulance Service