Another Pirate Radio station I’m listening too

A long while ago I blogged here about a pirate radio station in the Midlands called Midlands Underground. It got shut down shortly after (like they usually do) but now there’s another one, and this time it seems to be even bigger. It’s called Frontline and they seem to be quite high on the “pirate quality” scale.

What is the scale? Well if I’m honest it’s something I’ve just made up. Usually with pirate radio stations you’ll start off with a low-power mono FM transmission which is distored and only on for a few hours at the weekend, then as you move up the scale you’ll end up with quite a professional sound and perhaps even RDS. This one, however, has RDS that actually updates every couple of seconds. Instead of just saying, “FRONTLINE” it has information about the DJ’s, the sponsors and more. Very good. They have a website too and seem to broadcast 24/7 with a live stream on the right-side of their site below.

It’s broadcasting all over the Midlands here in the UK and across Staffordshire and beyond. I’m guessing they’re based somewhere in Walsall but they probably have a microwave link from the studio to the transmission site so who knows.

Link –