Big Brother is coming to our roads

Speed cameras do have their place. A lot fail though, with many of the fixed cameras by my house being raced through by boy-racers who are well aware which ones have cameras in. Average speed cameras are in place on motorways now, but it’s mostly confined to the M25 and within road works. This works.

Today news appeared about a new kind of speed camera which uses ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) and GPS. The cameras take a shot of your number plate, record your location and then, when you pass through another camera, it’ll do the same. If you’ve driven from home to work in 30 minutes flat but the roads you’ve travelled on don’t allow that to happen (due to the speed limits) then you get fined .. possibly worse.

Imagine then that you get on an A-road and travel at 60mph but it’s a 50. You then go up the M40 at 85mph and then get to work. The cameras won’t perhaps know which roads you went on, but they’ll know that you got there too quickly because no road would’ve let you get there in the time it took you.

Whatever happens, this really is “big brother” and I can only hope that it DOESN’T come into force. Trials are already underway in London and Cornwall. It’ll be like sitting in the roadworks through some “average speed check” cameras ALL the time. Not good.

Link – BBC News