Hey big supermarkets, here is another reason why people go to Aldi and Lidl

I, like many, have started to do some of the weekly shop at the discounters – aka Aldi and Lidl. I’ve found many instances where, even if something is discounted in the likes of Tesco or Morrisons, a comparable brand in Aldi is still way cheaper. Also, for a lot of the time, there really isn’t a difference in quality.

Don’t get me wrong, I still go to the “big” supermarkets for named brands that I won’t swap, such as PG Tips tea, Robinsons pop / squash and the like, so they’ve not totally lost my custom, but there will be a drop in the amount of items I buy.

There’s another reason why the discounters get my business. It’s when the bigger supermarkets do stupid bulk-buy offers like this…

So, you’re getting 12 individual packs of crisps here for £3. Seems like a good deal considering that they’re marked up at £1.88 for 6 individual packs. I don’t WANT 12 packs, but buying two of these multipacks means I save 76p.

I’ll get them then. Oh wait… what’s this?
A multipack with 14 bags for £2?? Why the heck am I paying £3 for 12 bags of crisps?

Meanwhile, there’s some “Snackrite Thick Ridged” crisps in Aldi which taste pretty much the same at 89p for six, which is the amount I wanted at the right price.

Cost per bag? 14.8p with Aldi. If you buy the limited-time offer at Morrisons, 14 bags for £2 means it’s 14.2p per individual bag, but you have to get 14. I don’t want 14, and next week the price will go back up anyway.