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March 2016 Tunes – My playlist :)

So I’ve just spent £15 to keep this domain for another couple of years, so I may as well use it :) Here’s another stack of tune, starting off with a rather hard tune from Robbie Rivera called “Funkatron”. Next, the Junior Sanchez Mongoloid mix of “Yeah”. I could only find this one on Soundcloud Next, Haus by Camelphat. Classic… Read more →

More tunes from my Shazam tagging

Here’s a few tunes that have found their way onto my Shazam tagging list of late. They’ve helped to keep my foot tapping on the way up and down the motorways of this good land :) This tune, called “Solo Dancing” by Indiana, instantly reminded me of the backing music from the British Army advert, which is actually Faith SFX.… Read more →

Morning all!

Blimey. Long time no blog huh? Well, I is back. Check it. It’s time for another musical post. A couple of tunes that I’ve been spinning on da decks (well… I’ve had them playing in the car). I thought I’d share. :) First up. Twisted by the mystic, I like hieroglyphics on the carpet ride. It’s the Jacques Lu Cont… Read more →

Weird summer music tracks

We’ve just been bouncing around on the trampoline and had a selection of tunes on in perhaps our first real day of summer this year. The selection of tracks on my phone (which was playing out through a Bluetooth speaker) are bizarre, even by my own standards. First there’s this.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0drSzhnMbJg Then The Kinks from 1965.. yeah… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjdgijpgOl4 Then a… Read more →

Perhaps the best video on YouTube, ever

So, I was Googling for classic Ibiza tunes but, somehow, got this. I don’t know what it is about this video. It draws you in. Some of you in the UK might remember “raving” or clubbing through the ’90’s. Some footage of that can be found on YouTube no doubt, but even if you found some well-lit footage I doubt… Read more →